In Response To (F-Gate Sounds) Concept Album 

Decade Launch: Live at Hundred Years Gallery Solo viola 

DECADE (HYG Records) Solo Viola 

2020 = SOLO (Forest Records) Solo Viola

SWARM (Forest Records) Viola, Violin, Guitar 

Solstice (Nachstuck Records) Solo Viola

Rend (Roam Releases) Solo Violin 

Caged Guerrillas (Subverten) Viola & distorted viola 

A Purposeless Play (Subverten) Solo Viola 

Pugilism (Subverten)  Solo Viola 

Transit Check (CRAM) Solo Viola 

Alluere (Subverten) Solo Viola 

Striations (Subverten) Solo Viola 



Knotted Threads (Inexhaustible Editions & Tour De Bras Records) Yves Charuest & Benedict Taylor 

T'OTHER (Empty Birdcage Records) Daniel Thompson & Benedict Taylor 

Close | Quarters (New Wave of Jazz) Anton Mobin & Benedict Taylor  

Landscapes (FMR) Paul Dunmall, Philip Gibbs, Benedict Taylor Ashley John Long  

Alex Ward Item 10 - Volition (Live at Cafe Oto)

 Puncture Cycle (New Wave of Jazz) Benedict Taylor & Dirk Serries  

Live at ZSenne Art Lab 11/10/18 (Roam) Tom Jackson & Benedict Taylor

Texture Point (New Wave of Jazz) Martina Verhoeven, Dirk Serries, Benedict Taylor  

Miya / Benedict + 7 Maestros: Live at Shinjuku Pit Inn Tokyo 2017 (Suon Records)

Four Quartets (Confront Records) Keith Tippett, Tom Jackson, Ahsley John Long & Benedict Taylor 

Rechtschaffen & Kales (ROAM 2019) Benedict Taylor, Tom Jackson, Chihiro Ono, Neil Luck

In bed later, lying near the wall, his knees pulled up and his face resting on the striped ticking of the mattress, Leventhal went over his mistakes. (Roam) Tom Jackson & Benedict Taylor

Songs from Brightly-Lit Rooms (Squib Box) Benedict Taylor & Tom Jackson  

Prossime Trascendenze (Amirani Records) Gianni Mimmo Ensemble 

Hidden Bomba (Linear Obsessional) Benedict Taylor & Chris Cundy  

Making Rooms: Mopomoso Tour (Weekertoft) Evan Parker, John Russell, John Edwards / Kay Grant & Alex Ward / Pat Thomas / Alison Blunt, Benedict Taylor & David Leahy 

Snouts (Sardine Butty) Alexandertwatz (Taylor & Crowe) 

Gubbins  - (CRAM) Benedict Taylor & Adam de la Cour 

Burn Before Listening (Squib Box) Benny Court & Benny Taylor  

Locked in (Sardine Butty) Alexandertwatz (Taylor & Crowe) 

Alexandertwatz in Berlin (Sardine Butty) Benedict Taylor & Stephen Crowe 

Stow | Phasing (Raw Tonk) Benedict Taylor & Anton Mobin 

Songs from Badly-Lit Rooms (Squib Box) – Tom Jackson & Benedict Taylor 

Dark Voices (CRAM) – Lawrence Upton & Benedict Taylor 

Guests on Tape – Anton Mobin & Benedict Taylor 

Une Nuit De Bruit (Sombre Soniks) – Benedict Taylor, Anton Mobin, Adio Lawal-West, Andrew Page, P23,Tim Drage 

Compost (CRAM) – Daniel Thompson, Alex Ward, Benedict Taylor 

The Long Half Day (Slightly Off Kilter) – Carousel Collective & Thomas Mindhous 

Last Wayne Days (Squib Box) – Neil Luck, Fiona Bevan & Arco 

Lio, Leo, Leon (Emanem) – London Improvisers Orchestra




London's Forgotten (Thulsa Doom Video & Lightfox Entertainment)

Three Poetry Films (European Poetry Festival)

One Jewish Boy (Trafalgar Studios)

The Hungry (Film London)

YOU (Longsight Theatre)

Fireworks (Royal Court Theatre)

The Djinns of Eidgah (Royal Court Theatre)

The Bright Day (White Copper Entertainment)


Mr Incredible (Longsight Theatre)

Screwed (Theatre 503)